RHEY • (ray/rai) • Acronym

Rare Hearts Electrify You

In a sentence: "You hear about RHEY? They make awesome tees!"

"RHEY is a lifestyle brand driven by diversity. We embrace the rare qualities that make each and every one of us unique, using subtle, yet versatile design concepts to create a platform for expression.

We believe fashion is about more than just clothing, it’s a statement, it’s how you percieve life & yourself, it's how you talk, it's how you care for others.

RHEY doesn’t simply follow fashion trends, we follow you, your spirit, your originality, in short, the only trend we follow, is the trend of you.

The braille symbolizes hope and perseverance through life's challenges. Never looking at struggle from a perspective of loss or defeat, but an opportunity to rise up and conquer fear. Never taking the simple things we overlook everyday for granted."

— Tosheed Thompson, Founder, RHEY CO.